Hello, My name is Nici Burns.

I am a wellness explorer, Mother,

Grandmother and insatiably curious about the healing power of the Earth's most precious ingredients and the power to 

Age-Less naturally, using alternative therapies and natural ingredients.

My passion began in my 30's when I read an article about slowing down the ageing process using food. This was music to my ears as I did not want to become tangled in the aesthetic loop and lose my facial identity. A little while later I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, an auto immune disease which had at many times throughout my life, left me in 

debilitating pain.

Furthermore, four years prior one of my best friends sadly lost her life because of the same condition. I was determined to win this war and began my battle to beat this condition. The diagnosis answered a lot of questions as to why since the age of 3 I had suffered with horrific pain and swelling in my arms and legs which would leave me in tears, even as an adult.

As a result of this diagnosis I started my journey of self healing through food and nutrition and in turn, it led me to study and understand how we can slow down or reverse the signs of ageing and some health conditions through alternative therapies and good nutritional advise.

I am now extremely passionate about treating and helping others look and feel their best, alongside giving nutritional

and lifestyle tips and advise to help with the journey of acceptance and gracefully ageing using a mixture of ancient technique combined with modern day biohacking.

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